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With under six months of road cycling experience, one of the resolutions I set myself for 2014 was to ride 6,000 km that year. This was a fair and calculated amount of kilometers for the beginning cyclist I was a year ago. This actually was turning out to become an easy task with the good weather, the solo rides, the amazing rides we did with Crankzinnig here and abroad, weekly rides with Lola Cycling Club and Fixed Gear Den Haag, the cyclo sportives and cycling while on holiday in Greece and Italy. Before I knew it I was well underway of reaching that goal of 6,000km before the summer had ended. I would have posted the year video by Strava, though I was not happy with the pictures they picked out and they missed out some important data.

Does one stop as soon as a target is reached? Bloody hell no! You keep peddling. At that moment the new epic number of ten thousand came in my head and I had myself a new target for 2014. Luckily I have my Strava to keep my progress mapped out and as the kilometers were adding up. When I reached above the 8k I decided to give myself a little reward and buy my first new bike. I was looking at two bikes, though for some reason the BMC Gran Fondo 02 with Shimano Ultegra Di2 caught my attention. Of course the deal I got on it was a big motivation to get it. I am extremely happy with this decision and would recommend this bike to anyone.
With my new toy, I was getting closer and closer to the magic 10k.

Just a quick 2014 fact sheet:
10,618 km Total distance,
6 Countries (NL, BE, LU, UK, IT and GR),
3 New bikes (Bianchi Mega Pro SL, Kona Paddy Wagon, BMC GrandFondo 02),
45,261 m Elevation gain,
407 Hours riding,
187 Rides,
8 KOMs (don’t ask me where and how).

Of course 10,000 kilometers is not just a number. Besides from being a big time, energy and money consuming hobby, it is a larger distance than most do with a car.
Were there fireworks or a marching band celebrating this event?
Nope. It was just the smile I had during the period before and after that milestone and the “congrats” I got from my friends whom have shared the road with me in 2014.
At the end of the day, that is what matters!

What will 2015 bring?

I will definitely try to reach the ten thousand this year again.

I will continue rides in the Benelux, Greece, Italy, England and will probably add France and USA to that list.
I am good on bikes, even though the n+1 rule does sound good. Probably a rearrangement would be better.
Fun and safe riding being the most important aspect.

What were your 2014 cycling highs and lows?